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HD Solution

Coverage Of Competitive Products

The products are a competitive assortment: more than 3000 models, more than 12,900-pieces with factory codes are covered, covering almost all world car models, and moreover, every season is increased by 50 new models.

Compliance WithThe Quality Of Original Parts

Designed and manufactured for the aftermarket and tested to meet factory specifications. Ideal packaging protection to avoid damage in transit. HD radiators are tested for salt rot, vibration and high pressure, thermal expansion and thermal performance.

Endurance And Performance

Numerous specials and enhancements to key elements of the radiator contribute to its superior thermal performance and extended life.

Coverage Of Competitive Products

The product range is competitive: more than 3500 models, more than 15520-pieces with factory codes covered, covering almost all European car models, and besides, every season is increased by 50 new models.

Product Benefits

The water tank is completely made of high quality plastics and is integrated into fiberglass (PA66 – GF30) reinforced, No mixed plastics used.

The core of the radiator is equipped with “double sashes” and is accompanied by a high-tech design of the “window opening”, which increases the sash resistance to mechanical damage and increases the efficiency of heat transfer.

The strong, durable and high-performance core structure has been manufactured with advanced aluminum brazing technology – Controlled Gas Brazing (CAB)

Whether it is a water tank, joint, thread, bolt, washer or mounting bracket, each piece has a perfect surface finish that can be easily installed at the attachment point on the vehicle, saving time and effort.

Depending on the model, everything you need for installation, everything is in the package with the product … Protective cover, O-ring, nut, clamp, plug, washer, spring washer, bolt, connection, screw, clamp.

Lightweight and very stable structure, reinforced aluminum core and high strength plastic water tank are widely used in passenger and commercial vehicle radiators.

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