Do you know the car A/C condenser?

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The condenser is one of the four major parts of the A/C conditioner, also known as the “heat exchanger”. When refrigerating, the outdoor unit heat exchanger is the condenser, and the quality of the condenser directly affects the refrigeration performance of the car A/C conditioner.

Do you know what the A/C condenser does? It is simply understood as cooling and dissipating heat from the high temperature and high pressure discharged from the operation of the car. Compared with the engine cooling radiator, it is under greater pressure.

When installing the condenser, pay attention that the refrigerant discharged from the compressor must enter from the upper end of the condenser, and its outlet must be below, otherwise it will cause the pressure of the refrigeration system to rise, leading to the danger of the condenser bursting. The condenser on the car is generally installed in front of the water tank.

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