How much do you know about the water tank?

The auto radiator belongs to the automobile cooling system. The radiator in the engine water cooling system is composed of three parts: the water inlet chamber, the water outlet chamber, the main fin, and the radiator core. The coolant flows in the radiator core, and the air passes outside the radiator core. The hot coolant becomes cold by […]

What should we pay attention to when using a car heater?

Car heaters are radiators that provide heat for the low-temperature start of our vehicle engines, as well as for windshield defrosting and car interior heating. What do we need to pay attention to when using it? Vehicle liquid fuel heaters can only use diesel as fuel. In addition, when the circulation system is filled with coolant medium, the […]

How to clean the car radiator?

Before cleaning the car water tank, we must pay attention to the fact that the radiator cannot be mixed with acidic, alkaline, or corrosive substances. After mixing, it will react to produce scale, which will block the heat dissipation pipe and affect the heat dissipation. Next, the air intake grille must be removed (the radiator is behind it), and […]

Do car radiators need to be cleaned?

Many car owners will also wonder, “Does my car’s radiator need to be cleaned regularly under daily maintenance?”It’s actually very necessary. Proper and timely cleaning of car radiators can ensure that the car runs under normal conditions. If the radiator operates abnormally: the boiling phenomenon of the car’s water temperature is abnormal, which not only affects the driving of […]

How much do you know about the material of the radiator?

The materials and technology of automobile radiators are in a state of rapid development. For example, car aluminum water tanks have obvious advantages in lightweight materials, and copper radiators are gradually being replaced in the fields of passenger cars and some light automobile radiators. In fact, the manufacturing process of copper radiators is also improving, and it […]

Is there any difference between an intercooler and a condenser?

In fact, the intercooler and the condenser are the same kind of cooler, their functions and principles are the same, and the different places are used in different locations and purposes, so their names are different. The condenser is one of the four major components of refrigeration, the compressor, condenser, throttling device and an indispensable part of the evaporator, the […]

Why is the car boiling?

How much do you know why the car has been driven? Hongdao will tell you. It is because the front of the air conditioner condenser or between the car water tank and the condenser is dirty, which causes the air inlet holes of the radiator fin to be blocked by lint dust and insect corpses. Cause the water tank to ventilate […]

Maintenance of water-cooled radiator

This issue tells you how to maintain water-cooled radiators. We should not choose inferior coolant in order to save a small amount of money. Inferior coolant will not have the function of anti-corrosion to the car cooling system, but will cause internal corrosion, rust, and aging rubber parts. However, when corrosion occurs in the cooling pipeline, the pipeline will be […]

Does the car water tank need to be cleaned?

The automobile radiator has an important position in the entire automobile system parts: the heat dissipation system is the key to ensuring the normal operation of the engine. Long-term use, the engine, and cooling system parts will produce deposits or rust, so routine maintenance and cleaning of the car water tank are very necessary. But we must confirm that the car […]

Do you know the car A/C condenser?

The condenser is one of the four major parts of the A/C conditioner, also known as the “heat exchanger”. When refrigerating, the outdoor unit heat exchanger is the condenser, and the quality of the condenser directly affects the refrigeration performance of the car A/C conditioner. Do you know what the A/C condenser does? It is simply understood as […]